Self-Guided Tour: African American Cultural Sites

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The Green Book of South Carolina† is the first mobile travel guide to African American cultural sites across South Carolina. Created by the S.C. African American Heritage Commission, it provides residents and visitors from around the world a user-friendly guide to discovering and celebrating enriching cultural experiences across the state of South Carolina. The name of this contemporary travel-planning tool pays homage to the original Green Book. First published in 1936 by N.Y. postman Victor Green, the original Green Book was an African American travel guide to safe harbors & welcoming establishments across the United States, printed until the mid-1960s.

In Cayce: Be sure to take a photograph in front of the modern art mural entitled "Cayce Wonders" by Ija Charles (click for more of her art), a nationally recognized African American artist. The mural is located at 2021 State Street, Cayce, SC. Free public parking is located across the street as well as the lot at 1908 State Street, Cayce, SC. The artist Ija Charles was also selected as one of 17 artists to be part of the NFL Artist Replay initiative, which was started to amplify the voices and artwork of black, indigenous people of color around the world.

Cayce Wonders Art Mural by Ija Charles; Photo by Hayley Bowers

In West Columbia: Be sure to note the Lakeview School at 1218 Batchelor Street West Columbia, South Carolina 29169. "This was the last site of a segregated school of West Columbia. First called the Brookland or New Brookland Colored School, it was located on Lacy Street by c. 1931 when it served grades 1-8.  Grade 11 was added in 1938-1939, making it then a 4-year high school with 4 initial graduates. In 1939, the community renamed the school “Lakeview” for its location overlooking nearby “Horseshoe Lake.” Lakeview left its wooden facility on Lacy Street in 1949 when the school moved to a new brick building at this site. " Reference: The Green Book website.

Click here for a map of all South Carolina locations that are listed in the Green Book Project.


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