Welcome To Riverwalk Park

The Cayce-West Columbia Riverwalk is a 3.5 mile system of paths and boardwalks running along the banks of the Congaree River. The Riverwalk accommodates all levels of physical access including baby carriages and wheelchairs. The Park provides spacious walkways with picturesque views of the River and the Skyline of downtown Columbia. The natural beauty of the park provides a peaceful backdrop to a walk, run or bike ride.

There is something for everyone along the walk. Benches for relaxation, picnic areas for meals and family outings, as well as fishing from bank locations make this park a must-visit on any trip to the midlands.

Parking areas, restroom facilities, and Emergency Call Boxes make the park easily accessible from many locations in both cities. The park entertains between 500 and 1,000 visitors and pets per day.

View a map of  Cayce-West Columbia Riverwalk Park.

Riverwalk Park Amphitheater

This beautiful Amphitheater sits right on the Congaree River across from Downtown Columbia. The Amphitheater hosts many events during the year including concerts, plays, and political rallies. It bosts of incredible views of the Columbia Skyline, the Congaree River, and the Historic Gervies Street Bridge. The Amphitheater provides one of the most unique environments for entertainment not only in the midlands but anywhere in the state.

Riverwalk Facilities

Cayce Riverwalk  Pavilion is located at the main Cayce entrance to the park.  Large bathroom facility as well as covered pavilion with 6 large picnic tables, electricity upon request, and is accessible to water.  A beautiful place for a gathering of up to 50 people.

Congaree Shelter located on the Cayce Riverwalk at the “T” intersection form the main entrance.  The covered pavilion features 2 large picnic tables with a picturesque river view.

River Walk of History

“A Walk Along the River of Time” will offer a lesson on the history of surrounding areas including the earliest European settlement and the river ferries and inns. Exhibits will include information on historic railways, monuments, area bridges and settlements. Details on local aquatic and land wildlife are also part of the new panels.

The history tour will begin at the West Columbia Riverwalk Amphitheater near a replica of a 1740’s River Inn, which is located adjacent to the Gervais Street Bridge.