USC Gamecocks vs Tennessee Volunteers


Williams Brice Stadium
1125 George Rogers Blvd, Columbia, SC


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Kick-off the Gamecock football season with an SEC always-epic match-up of the University of Tennessee versus University of South Carolina Gamecocks!  A limited number of seats are available inside the stadium, but don’t worry. We have plenty of places for you to tailgate and watch the game in Cayce and West Columbia, less than 3 miles from Williams Brice Stadium. Check out our list of local outdoor beer and sports bars for the perfect place to catch a pre-game meal. You’ll be close to the action without the traffic! Visit the friendly cities of Cayce and West Columbia on game day. We offer cafes, hotels, and sports bars. All are welcome, whether Gamecocks visiting from out of town, USC students, locals who want to get a bite to eat, and yes, even our opponent teams. Nothing beats college football!


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